Activeperl License Agreement

This license is based on another license, with some exceptions. For example, there are exceptions to GPL 2.0, for example. B the exception of the GCC lifetime or the exclusion of the class trajectory. This license limits the licensed software sub-components that you can redistribute. The restriction can apply to source code, binaries, or other sub-components. This restriction is usually only included in proprietary or commercial licenses. Licenses with this restriction do not comply with the OSI. This license requires that all changes to the original source code of the licensed software be documented in the source code itself. The license is granted per node instance (per language, per version, per server).

Node instance: A single provision of ActiveState licensed software, which is installed on a physical or virtual computer or server. Each node inside a cluster must be licensed. This license stipulates that the author grants patent rights without restricting the use of a recipient`s patents. This license has one or more specific designation obligations described in the license text. This license may terminate automatically if you assert a claim against a contributor for patents that you claim are infringed by the licensed software; Your patent license of such contributor to the licensed software may also terminate automatically. This license prohibits the commercial use (and generally retransmission) of the licensed software. This license requires a copy of the license text and all copyright notices that must appear in the product documentation. This license prohibits the use of the licensed software in aeronautical applications.