Amazon Redshift Jdbc Driver License Agreement

Download the macOS X 1.4.18 driver. The driver`s name is Amazon Redshift`s ODBC driver. (d) not to license, sell, lease, lease, transfer, sub-concede, distribute, disclose, operate, operate commercially or other uses, software, ancillary services and/or documents to third parties; For version and above, you can use the generic name of the driver class or the specific class name version listed with the driver in the following list, For front versions before, only version-specific class names are supported. The AWS SDK, required to use IAM database authentication, is one of Amazon Redshift JDBC`s standard drivers. It`s a good time to use the default drivers, unless the size of the drivers is a problem for your app. If you need smaller driver files and don`t use IAM database authentication or if you already have AWS SDK for Java 1.11. 118 or more in your Java class path, then add an addiction to the driver of the next list. This license limits and may indicate how the name of the licensed software can be used, including restrictions that may require a name change if the code is changed. To avoid this, copy the amazon.redshiftodbc.ini file in a directory other than the installation. If you copy this file into the user`s home directory, add a point (.) to the beginning of the file name to make it a hidden file. In the ODBC data source administrator, select the Drivers tab and search for the driver`s file.

A JDBC URL given with the previous jdbc format:postgresql://endpoint:port/database continues to work. This license requires that product documentation contain instructions on how to obtain source code for licensed software, including any changes to the licensed software. Follow the data below to download Amazon Redshift ODBC ODBC ODBC drivers for Windows operating systems. Use only one driver other than this if you`re using a third-party app that`s certified to be used with Amazon Redshift and requires a specific driver. This license requires a copy of the license text and all copyright mentions that are inserted into the (s) file (s) source (s). This obligation may also mean that a license or notification text file must be present in the same directory as the corresponding code. This license may expire automatically if you claim a claim against a contributor for patents that you claim to be infringed by the licensed software; Your patent license from such a licensed software contributor may also expire automatically. Set up Amazon Redshift`s JDBC driver to authenticate your connection in accordance with the security requirements of Amazon`s Redshift server, which allows you to log in.