Aupe Collective Agreement Bow Valley College

One imagines that, this time, In the two rounds of negotiations with AUPE, the government will go out of its way to derail collective bargaining and arbitration to get the pay cuts it has put its reputation for fiscal prudence on — although this description is hard to relate to the billions of tax giveaways and subsidies from the oil industry, which do not appear to have created many jobs, not to mention its recently discovered $1.7 billion. We will be voting in person on Friday, November 29, 2019 from 10 .m. – 3:00 p.m. .m at the AUPE office, North Campus, N540. There will be an opportunity to discuss this agreement with the negotiating committee and ask questions before tabling your ballot. If you are on an external site, please contact me directly on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at the latest, so that we can arrange for your vote. You can email me, Peter Steward Chapter President, or contact me at 403-650-7678. Do you need help with your online guide? This could be helpful. ULFA and the Board of Directors have agreed to negotiate a new ESA before negotiations on the collective agreement resume. ESA is mandatory in case of conflict or lockout.

This agreement determines which union members (if any) can and should continue to work during a work action or lockout and what tasks they must continue to perform. ESA and the working action protocols associated with it are important because they ensure that neither the university nor the relationship between faculty and administration is permanently damaged in the case of work operations. She pointed out that institutions manage cash surpluses and can afford to pay high salaries to executives, noting that “if independent and impartial experts looked at the UCP`s austerity, they rejected it. The board of directors looked at the government`s rhetoric and decided on the facts. It took into account the economic conditions and public funding of universities. The three-member task force looked at factors that included the economic state of the province in the past year of the three-year contracts, all of which included an agreement to renegotiate wages in the past year alone. The panel also looked at typical salaries in this sector, arguments from the Alberta government and its various bodies, as well as internal factors such as the salaries of faculty and executives and the ability to pay institutions. We are pleased to inform you that AUPE and bow Valley College have reached an interim agreement. Download the letter of intent agreed and recommended without restriction between the parties. We highlighted the changes to this agreement below.

Why are you against Navitas? They would create a for-profit university on our campus. The people who hire them would not be members of UWOFA, so they would not have the protections that our members have under our collective agreement, that is, not the academic freedom or job security that contract holders have here. Navitas would welcome students who do not meet our access standards. We are also concerned that there will be a lot of pressure on these teachers to relax their academic standards. Wages had been frozen in the first two years of the agreements, all of which followed a similar pattern and were negotiated by AUPE in the same time frame.