Collective Agreement With Usw Local 4120

When staff are recruited to university, the university now has more flexibility to set its starting salary, which can be set at the maximum level of each step in the salary grid, instead of setting it at a maximum of stage 3 of the current salary schedule. This amendment is intended to help recruit and retain qualified staff at the university. In line with current university compensation practices, recruitment managers should consult with human resources to determine starting salaries to ensure that appropriate market comparisons and internal comparisons are taken into account. If you have any questions about this, please contact your human resources advisor. The renewed collective agreement updated the tariff language on sick leave in accordance with the provisions of an agreement between the parties (2017) in which the language now included in Articles 24.01 and 24.03 was agreed. The Pensions Memorandum, ratified by the university and, etc. Local in 2010, contains alternative provisions for salary increases during the third year of the contract in case of a date higher than the date of July 1, 2021 or if the move to the UPP has not taken place. The Faculty Association represents all University of Guelph employees in the City of Guelph, on the Ridgetown campus in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, at the Vineland Research Station in the City of Lincoln, at the Simcoe Research Station in the City of Simcoe, and on the University of Guelph-Humber campus in the City of Toronto. , as faculty members (including librarians), who arrange either full-time or part-time appointments with people with contract appointments and all persons employed as veterinarians at the Animal Health Lab (A.H.L.) and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (V.T.H.).

The tariff language for assisted maternity leave, parental leave – general, sustained parental leave and unsured parental leave has been updated to reflect the terms of Queen`s University`s guidelines and procedures for maternity and paternity leave, which have been updated in accordance with legislative amendments and reflect current party practice. If you have any questions about these sheets, please contact your human resources advisor. The union reimburses the university 50% of the costs related to the president`s salary and benefits, which are centrally funded by the university. If the local president does not return to his post at the end of his term or if his university position has been abolished, the local president is entitled to a longer redeployment period if he decides to defer the university`s severance pay.