Data Processing Agreement Microsoft Azure

What I really need is a DPA for Office 365 or instructions where I find it or if it is already covered in the licensing agreement. Microsoft has announced an update to the Online Terms of Service (OST) privacy policy in its cloud commercial contracts to all commercial customers. Microsoft has served as a data processing provider, which means it has collected and used personal data from its corporate services to provide the online services requested by customers and for the needs of its customers. Data processors process personal data on behalf of the processor. These conditions meant that the client was in charge of the treatment. The treatment managers determine the purpose and means of this treatment. RGPD-compliant companies that use Microsoft cloud products such as Azure and Office 365 may have to change their data processing agreements. Microsoft is making changes to its cloud terms and conditions, which will come into effect this new year and which may have a significant impact, as it will soon change its role as a controller data processor in some respects. This means that Microsoft will have more obligations in these areas, but it also means that customers will have less control over how they are provided online and will be able to provide fewer instructions for processing purposes.

Yes, yes. The RGPD requires controllers (z.B. organizations and developers who use Microsoft`s online services) to use only processors (z.B. Microsoft) that process personal data on behalf of the processor and provide sufficient safeguards to meet the essential requirements of the RGPD. Microsoft has made these commitments proactively for all of the company`s online customers as part of its subscription contracts and for volume license customers as part of their enterprise agreements. Customers of other enterprise software generally available and licensed by Microsoft or our affiliates will also benefit from Microsoft`s RGPD obligations, as described in this notice, as long as the software processes personal data. I am looking for a data processor agreement, since we use the 365 desktop and we are located in Sweden. May 25: E the new RGPD comes into effect and, until then, we need an absence signed with Microsoft. To prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please consult the resources available

For this topic, see FAQ . But includes the online services agreement sny Data Processor Addendum. Because, as I perceive, we need a signed DPA, since Microsoft trading our employees` personal data when we have Office 365.Right? If your company uses Microsoft cloud computing services, it is imperative that you check your company`s obligations with respect to data held by Microsoft. If Microsoft`s obligations have changed, data processing agreements may also require changes or additions. I found information on the MS websites that such an agreement exists. Although I need it in Polish, it would be a good start if you are in English, you can find Microsoft`s contractual obligations regarding the RGPD in addendum online services Data Protection, which provides Microsoft`s privacy and security obligations, data processing conditions and RGPD conditions for services hosted by Microsoft, which subscribe to customers as part of a volume licensing agreement. These conditions require Microsoft to impose section 28 of the RGPD and other relevant articles of the RGPD on processors. For clarity, other obligations or lower obligations may apply to beta or preview software, software that has undergone substantial changes, or software that has been licensed by Microsoft or our affiliates and is not publicly available or is not licensed under Microsoft`s licensing terms. Some products may collect data by default and send it to Microsoft telemetry data or others.

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