Dialog Agreement And Disagreement 6 Orang

The example below is an example of agreement and disagreement with the responses. Exercises must be done to be more sensitive if the expression agrees and what the differences are. The answers are big. A: Because the death penalty violates the right to life. We are not God, so it is not for us to decide whether someone should die. (This is because the death penalty violates the right to life. We are not God, so it is not up to us to decide whether you should die) In addition to the ability to speak mature English, in an English conversation 6 people need good hearing abilities. This is obviously not easy for Indonesians, which is why we need regular spractices and English habits that communicate more and more daily. Examples of consensual and irrefutable dialogues in English: Examples of two-person dialogueVera: Oh, look at this picture! It`s unbelievable! Maya: That`s right! The artist had to work very hard. Vera: Yes.

In short, I`m so thirsty. There is no more money to buy drinks, as the price of the ticket is high. It`s too much. Maya: I don`t agree. That`s the price to pay for artists. We have to appreciate them and I think the price is always reasonable. Vera: I see. Maya: Let`s buy drinks.

I`ll buy it for you! Vera: Really? You`re the best, Maya! 1. Examples of a dialogue on concordance held by 2 people In this interview, the expression that agreed on the themes and disagreed is a birthday present. Two people thought it was a good gift. In the example of the dialogue agreement, 2 people are very well trained in role-playing to make learning English easier and more convenient. Top Photo Group Illustration of the discussionConting dialog 3 peopleSintia: This film was released last week. Have you seen it? Ranti: Yes, I did. Bella: Oh, I watched it yesterday too. Sintia: Really? I`ve seen it too. How do you feel about that? Ranti: I don`t really like it. There are plot holes that annoy me.

Sintia: I agree with you. At the end of the film, I was not satisfied. Bella: Yes. But comedy A really helps, at least I could feel his emotions. Ranti: I`m not sure. I think because actress B is the co-star, actor A had his confidence. Bella: That`s true, but his comedy has been good since the previous film. Sintia: Exactly. Last year, he even received an award. Too bad a lot of people aren`t happy with his film. From this dialogue, we can assume that Kiara is speaking….

A. Accord B. Disagreement C. Opinion D. Satisfaction Rio: I agree.