Doula Agreement

The Doulas agree: – Work for the mother and her partner – Support the decisions of the mother and partner as part of our expertise – Articulate and explain all available options and birth planning decisions during the planning session – Stay with the mother as soon as the active work has started – Be 24 hours a day from the 38th week of pregnancy on demand – Give a back-up-doula experienced without extra fees, if we are not able to visit work/birth – Try to create a calm and peaceful environment in the circumstances of the place of birth – Stay with the mother until at least 1 hour after birth – Report within 2 hours of the mother`s request during work – Offer an optional one-hour follow-up visit within 1 year of birth according to the mother`s judgment , like many other aspects of work, it is not possible for clients to predict how they might feel in the midst of a long and arduous job, when their Doula leaves or stops being with their client at the beginning of work, just as women cannot predict the pain of work or exhaustion, or the difficulty of thinking through complex medical decisions while they are at work time. In advance, it is of course reasonable to pay overtime and/or have a backup Doula. It would be useful for clients to calculate the cost of work assistance for different working hours. For example, a Doula may have a $1000 package containing 12 hours of in-person assistance and an additional $50/hour. The customer may then think: “If I need my Doula for 16 hours, my cost is 1,200 USD; $1600 for 24 hours. In fact, a prospective Doula should promote this kind of thinking as part of its decision to sign the treaty. Dieser Vertrag, von und zwischen DoLove Birth Services und labor doula, Lucretia Jones, hierin als doula bezeichnet, und ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ein Doula sagte: “Ich kann mich als eine Doula für immer wie diese sehen” (mit Überstunden Lohn und Verwendung einer Backup-Doula). Another said: “This makes it a sustainable career. Able to say and know that I will not be absent more than 18 hours, is a game changer and makes me a much better wife, mother and Doula. We remind the reader that this is not a scientific analysis of Doula`s practices, but simply an online survey with data and perspectives provided by a large number of Doulas. We believe we have obtained valuable information about Doula`s practices that are worth sharing. We are honored to be part of your journey into parenting! To secure Doula Work services, this form must be obtained at the same time as the non-refundable deposit. Before you buy Doula Work services, please confirm your desired doula has availability for your estimated due date. You can find out more about our doulas on our team page and submit our Request A Doula form.

Alternatively, we organize a meeting of Doulas and interested people every six weeks. Check out our event page to learn more about upcoming meetings.