Egolf Agreement

This was not the only corrosive disagreement on the floor of the house in times of decline of the session. A few hours earlier, when another bill was being debated, Townsend and Rep. Daymon Ely argued over whether parliamentary procedure was being followed properly. “You did it all session. You can`t keep your word for five minutes,” Minority Whip Rod Montoya Egolf said from the ground, apparently referring to an unspecated agreement between the two sides. “We talked about developing this issue. Instead, that is the path you will follow. Please refer to the Workbench Register (EGolF): The Senate has decided to fund Lujan Grisham`s proposal for $17 million, with only $12 million in recurring expenses. The allocation was a big drop from the $35 million originally requested by the governor, although a step forward from the House`s decision not to fund the scholarship program at all. If you can`t find the right VW leasing deals for you, look at our other manufacturers here: “From time to time, I`ll see the circus,” Sen. Cliff Pirtle joked about looking in the house when it needs entertainment.

Sen. Linda Lopez, D-Albuquerque, then proposed a second amendment that would have provided an additional $23 million for salary increases, so that no state employee or public employee would earn less than $15 an hour. The amendment failed; Senators have said that this would unbalance the budget and could impose a special session. Senators first voted in favour of Pirtle`s amendment. But in a strange train about 20 minutes later, a request was made to reconsider it; On the second take, he was knocked out. But this only happened after a bizarre and tumultuous false start. At about midnight, after a very brief debate, the House of Representatives voted in favour of an agreement on the Senate`s budget changes. But Republican leaders quickly came to the ground and insulted Egolf because he shouted a vote when they knew “damn good” that they were in the other room. “We have a budget,” said House of Representatives spokesman Brian Egolf. Sen.

Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, criticized the process of cleaning in general and questioned the need to leave 25 percent in reserve after the house approved the law at 23 percent in reserves. The details of ID.4 were shared by VW. It`s an all-electric car style SUV, an amazing flipping circuit, built-in door handles for improved aerodynamics, unusual features here, more awesome things there, new VW jazz logo… Oh, and if you say that, “Hello ID., zeh me the stars” opens solar blindness. ID.4 is not yet available – join our mailing list and we`ll keep you informed if it can be listed. Mr. Pirtle lamented that the House had no chance to debate Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham`s proposal for consideration because a separate bill focused on this initiative has not advanced. The money for the program was rather included in HB 2. Enter your email address and personal password in the appropriate fields.

(Passwords must contain at least one capital letter and a number). The bill was amended Tuesday by the Senate Finance Committee, which cut $142.5 million in one-time funding from the House of Representatives bill. This included reducing road construction spending from $255 million to $180 million. The state Senate passed the bill by a 35-7 vote after a two-hour debate in which Republicans warned of the dangers of New Mexico`s oil and gas addiction, while some progressive Democrats argued for more spending. Looking for a new electric Volkswagen? Discover the new Volkswagen e-Golf on sale at your Local Vertu Volkswagen dealership. Contributor Michael Gerstein contributed to this report. “We have to be very careful,” Sen said.