Ikea Collective Agreement

At the meeting of the International Federation of Building and Wood Workers (IFBWW) Wood and Forestry Committee meeting on Monday, May 25, 1998 in Geneva, IKEA, one of the world`s largest retail chains in the furniture industry, and IFBWW have signed a cooperation agreement on working conditions, the natural environment, the health and safety of workers around the world who manufacture and supply products for IKEA. In Canada, Richmond store employees have been locked out for more than 8 months due to a collective dispute between their union The Teamsters and local management. UNI plays a role in the conflict, but no solution has yet been found. In Turkey, a plan to strengthen relations between local management and the Koop-Is trade union and to fully implement workers` rights for union membership and collective bargaining at the local and global level is still being discussed. The agreement provides for the designation of a follow-up group with two IKEA members and two IFBWW members. The group meets twice a year, including visits to operated suppliers. “The negotiations were difficult and, of course, we didn`t get everything we wanted. We are at the beginning of our journey, but what is crucial is that we now have our first collective agreement. We have gained experience in negotiations with management and set up the negotiating team,” concluded Miroslav Kysel, Slovak president of the IKEA union. As part of this agreement, IKEA will require its suppliers to be provided with working conditions at least in accordance with national law or national conventions. Suppliers must also comply with all relevant ILO conventions and recommendations regarding their activities. This means, for example, that no child labour can be tolerated and that workers have the full right to join trade unions and negotiate collective agreements.

These rules already apply to IKEA-owned manufacturing companies. On April 9, 2019, the IKEA Boards union signed its first collective agreement with the company at the company level in Slovakia. Late last year, the union launched a collective bargaining process and several rounds of negotiations took place in 2019. IFBWW and IKEA have developed a joint agreement focusing on the working conditions of IKEA suppliers in the wood products sector.