Nnn Agreement Sample

Here are some pitfalls for the unwary that could derail your efforts to create an effective NNN agreement: If you have a clause in your NNN agreement that provides for arbitration, the Chinese manufacturer will most likely argue for arbitration and assert that the Chinese court has no right to rule on your case without both parties having gone through arbitration. The non-competitive provisions of this agreement are an essential and essential element of the comprehensive agreement by which the recipient of the trust agrees not to benefit from this confidential information in his own business or in business, except in the case of a new agreement executed by all the signatories of this document. More importantly, if your NNN agreement is to be applied in a Chinese court, but it is not in Chinese, the Chinese judge should order a translation of your agreement. Please note that, although the above says “the bilingual agreement,” the official part of the agreement is in Chinese. The English part is exclusively a translation for the utility/comfort of our customers. We are careful to make this distinction because almost every treaty we call requires Chinese as our official language and we never manage to develop treaties in which more than one language is the official language. For why this distinction is so important, I ask you to read Silly Rabbit, The Chinese Language Contract Is What Matters and Dual Language China Contracts Double Your Chance Of Disaster. 7. If XYZ agrees to the terms of the agreement, you must first sign and date the agreement and then send it to [XYZ Company]. You should wait until this agreement is fully implemented before disclosing confidential information. Complete the Non-Disclosure, Non-Use and Non-Circumvention Agreement (NNN) As important as having a well-built NNN agreement, it is just as important that you take as many steps as possible to prevent violations.

As they say, it is better to place a door at the top of the cliff than to have an ambulance at the bottom. One of the reasons the NNN agreement is so effective is that it provides for liquidated damages rather than claims of omission. The NNN agreement not only contains confidentiality provisions, but also contains provisions prohibiting a Chinese manufacturer from abusing confidential information it has received because of its working relationship with you. Because of your signature on the document, it means approving all changes, whether you know them or not. The NNN agreement is most effective when it is able to prevent a potentially unscrupulous manufacturer from doing something that would be contrary to the agreement. 5. This agreement gives you the right to enter into an NNN with a subcontractor. Regardless of whether or not you enter into such a separate agreement, the receiving party is liable for the damage caused by a subcontractor who violates that agreement, on the same basis as if the act was committed by the receiving party.