Vsocc Collective Agreement

Thank you for your comments. We track turnover every year and it`s still about 15%. In our annual surveys and exit surveys, our employees overwhelmingly state that VSOCC is a positive workplace and would recommend it. As a result, we face many challenges and the pandemic has increased these challenges, particularly in terms of numbers. Working with children is a lot of fun. It`s a union job. Thank you for taking the time to get an idea of your work experience at VSOCC. Your comments are appreciated. I would like to encourage all workers to speak directly to their superiors or their leaders when they are concerned about their jobs. Glassdoor has 20 notices from vancouver Society of Children`s Centres, which were submitted anonymously by employees of the Vancouver Children`s Centres Society.

Read employee reviews and evaluations on Glassdoor to decide if Vancouver Society of Children`s Centres is the right thing to do for you. VSOCC has the best culture of engineering and people! I was lucky enough to work on it. – a higher salary compared to other large organisations – decent benefits – the appropriate RRSP – the immediate team with whom you work daily are very nice; However, this can vary from centre to centre – employees in good locations work in fear. They bring back all the little things in case they don`t have a lot of problems. No one seemed to really appreciate the work. Many kind colleagues Clean facilities and clear guidelines Thank you for your comments and for your insight into some of our growth challenges and initiatives. VSOCC is pleased to have implemented a stronger and more efficient human resources and wage system in 2019. Although a formal “succession plan” is not yet in place, VSOCC has promoted more than 25 employees in 2019 and has taken on many “actor” duties. In addition, we recently launched An Essentials for Leadership training for all superiors and managers and invited several current facilitators. If the company offers more room for growth, it will certainly help reduce sales. Workplace culture needs to be improved and many hours of overtime.

This will replace the audit currently presented for the targeted profile. Do you really want to replace him? Still wants to grow and grow, but there is a serious lack of investment in some basic infrastructure, such as IT and HR. Continue to talk about growing staff and buildings (i.e. succession planning), but not constantly promoting people who want to work, learn and grow at work.