Wells Fargo Agreement And Personal Guarantee

To request a copy of your account contract or ask other questions about your credit card account: by signing below, I too, in my individual capacity (although I can place a title or other denomination next to my signature), guarantee unconditionally and repeatedly and promise the bank to pay all the applicant`s debts at any time , either from or in connection with a credit, which was requested by this application, as well as any extension, increase or extension of that debt. As a guarantor, I renounce (i) this, ask, protest, protest and not pay; (ii) any defence arising from a defence of the plaintiff or other surety; and (iii) the right to require the bank to act against the plaintiff or any other surety, to file an action in relation to the guaranteed debt, or to inform the surety of any additional debt incurred by the plaintiff or any change in the plaintiff`s financial situation. I also authorize the bank to extend, compromise, accelerate, renew, increase or modify the terms of the secured debt without notice or prior agreement (i); (ii) take action against one or more guarantors without taking action against the applicant or any other surety; and (iii) to release or replace a portion of the debt or this guarantee. I agree (i) I will pay the Bank`s legal fees and fees to enforce this guarantee; (ii) this guarantee is governed by South Dakota law; and (iii) this guarantee benefits the Bank and its successors and beneficiaries of the transfer; and (iv) an electronic facsimile of my signature can be used in any capacity as proof of my consent under this guarantee. For the Wells Fargo Equipment Express, Wells Fargo Business Platinum, Wells Fargo Business Elite, SBA Express Term Loan and Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage Line card of credit applicants only: By signing below, I agree, on behalf of the applicant, to be bound in writing to the terms of the customer agreement, the Wells Fargo Business Lending Confirmation Letter (if applicable) and other documents to be addressed to the applicant , and pay the bank`s legal fees and fees. Agreement and other written documents. I also agree that the use of any feature of the above can be used as evidence of previous authorizations, assumptions and agreements.